Friday, May 9, 2008

Digital Dreams - Vesicula (1996)

Digital Dreams - Vesicula (1996), co-produced by Frank M.

"Digital Dreams - Vesicula" saw the light of day in early 1996, a time of great personal turmoil as TJ had separated from his wife and son. He was unemployed but nonetheless determined to record great tracks. Thomas collaborated with three different female vocalists on the Vesicula, including Franca Pettrich, with whom he had released the highly anticipated "Hitech Systems" (1994).

The album could only be released as an MC, which meant that it received virtually no airplay or reviews. The few reviews it got were all highly positive and encouraging.
Interestingly, 11 songs from the 96 release ended up on "Digital Dreams - The very best of" (2008)

A review in the Offenbach - Post about the 1996 release "Digital Dreams - Vesicula"

Since its inception Digital Dreams was always thought of as a band and so it was inevitable for Thomas to continue on as a solo artist.

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